iPad Case 2 colors

iPad Case or Sleeve with Kisslock Frame  The fabric used is a print canvas.

Case measures 9" by 10.5" by 0.5" and can fit all iPads and iPad minis. If you have another device that you want to use this for, the iPad dimensions are 9.56 in (243 mm) (h) 7.47 in (190 mm) (w) 0.50 in (13 mm), so any device that is around this size can be put in this case as well.

This case has a small zipper pocket on the exterior of the bag that is lined with tan faux leather.

Please note that while there is some padding in this bag, it is not going to protect your ipad if you drop it on the ground. This case should be used for storing your iPad when it is not in use or when you are are going out and want to put it in your larger purse, but don't want the iPad to get scratched or banged into. This clutch is also large enough to fit your charger, an ipad with a smart case, and a small notebook

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